Ex-Convict Walks Over To Cop Who Arrested Him And Does The Most Shocking Thing

February 12, 2017

An ex-convict runs into the police officer who arrested him which lead to a prison sentence of a few years and does the unimaginable- he starts to pray for him.

Several years ago, Edward “Doc” Amey, who has had 6 felony convictions found Jesus Christ and gave up his previous life of crime and drugs. After that transformational experience, Doc has dedicated his life to being a blessing wherever he goes. One opportunity he got was when he met again with Officer Salvador Chapa, the office who put him behind bars, and blessed him by praying for him.

Doc now longs and prays for the day that the stereotypical feud between cops and black men will be nothing more than history.

TOPIC changed life; convict turned christian; new life; prayer; peace; reconciliation;
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