Rare footage of living 18-week miscarried baby shows his heart beating

September 29, 2015

As parents Charity and Matt Tanner cuddled the body of their son, gazing upon his unique features, they suddenly saw that his chest was rising and falling and that his little heart was beating within his body. A nurse told them it was most likely only electrical impulses. But Charity and Matt felt a presence and saw these as signs of life. They were so amazed by what they saw that they captured it on video.

Charity believes that God granted her family a few precious moments to be together with their living son so they could say 'hello' to him and then bid him 'farewell' until they would meet again. They knew their time with him was going to be short. His name was Jaxon Matthew David Tanner

Here's the video created to honor the short but precious moments little Jaxon had in this world.