Tragic polar bear kept in a Chinese shopping mall appears to cry from inside his glass prison

July 22, 2016

<p>The polar bear, named Pizza, looks miserable to the point of tears inside his cramped artificial enclosure in a Chinese shopping mall. &nbsp;He is the subject of an Animals Asia <a href="" target="_blank">petition</a> to have the enclosure closed down.&nbsp;</p> <p>Pizza is on display to shoppers within the Grandview Aquarium at the Grandview Centre in Guongzhou alongside&nbsp;beluga whales, walrus calves, a wolf and arctic foxes.</p> <p>Animals Asia has released a video highlighting the plight of the animals. &nbsp;The group has strongly criticised the lack of space and "poor state" of the animals.</p> <p>Its petition has already been signed by over 400,000 people.</p> <p>Animals Asia's Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale said:</p> <p>"Taking animals from their natural environments can never be defended, but when they're rehomed in conditions like we're seeing at the Grandview Aquarium it's the worst possible situation. While those behind this may claim this as education, it's clear the motivation here is bottom line profit. As long as businesses are allowed to use animals in this manner, wealth will always be put ahead of welfare.</p> <p>"What is clear is that a significant section of Chinese society will not accept this, and the negativity surrounding the Grandview Aquarium is the only thing that will challenge developments like this.</p> <p>"We all need to continue to publicly object to such facilities &ndash; and for those living locally, we say, 'So long as animals are suffering, choose somewhere else to shop. Don't reward cruelty.'"</p>
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